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Some Servofishes appear depending on who's the host


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So, my friend and I went into Fortuna to fish for Charamotes and Longwinders. I was the host, and we both brought the same amount of baits and same kind of baits. We headed to Coolant Reservoir and started fishing, as usual. It was warm time and we fished for Longwinder first with baits and dyes on the water. A lot of Longwinders appeared on mine (well, because of the bait) but NOTHING appeared on my friend's, but only Krillers and Echowinders. We both fished until cold time arrived, and we went in a hotspot-prominent cave to fish for Charamotes (and probably Synathids). Again, a lot appeared on mine but on my friend's, nothing. Only Scrubbers and Mirewinders appeared, despite having the baits on the water hotspots.

So, we theorized that it has something to do with the host and I let my friend host the lobby and do the same process. Apparently, our theory was correct. A lot of Longwinders and Charamotes appeared on my friend's screen, but none on mine.

This only happens for fishing. For mining and animal conservations, there's nothing wrong, at the moment. I hope this will be fixed. 😞

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