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Nova Antimatter Drop multiplier is still not fixed and does not scale with Power Strength mods


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I already posted it in "Bugs" section but I just want to discuss/highlight this matter.

Nova's original Warframe Profile video states that antimatter drop scales with Power Strength mods. The be precise- multiplier.

The ability screen is reflecting correctly, but it's not functioning correctly in-game. The multiplier for Antimatter Drop indicates change in the arsenal's UI (so UI calculates that), it does not appear to have any effect in gameplay, staying at fixed 4x multiplier in all tests.

Basically if you read description of skill, check arsenal UI and watch profile video of Nova - the Antimatter Drop MULTIPLIER should scale with Power Strength. However it does not. Since description was never changed, UI calculates it and original profile video sated that it should scale- I assume it's a bug. That should have really be fixed till now.

Currently Power Strength only affects AD base damage (as intended per description) but not multiplier (as should per her video and description).

So could that be finally fixed to work correctly?

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