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The New Strange 2/3 Stuck Bug


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Hey all,

I am stumped. I currently am on the The New Strange mission and I have synthesized all 3 elite arid lancers on Ares, but the progress stays on 2/3. I have tried restarting my game and doing it at different times but it wont let me progress (did the exact same thing each time). Visited Cemaris afterwards too and no dice. Can anyone help or suggedt something? I submitted a support ticket for this earlier today. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks! 


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same here .. tried yesterday first time .. did 2 of them .. and another 5 (0 standing) and I waited until today .. scanned the third one and 3400+ standing and still 2 out of 3.

Can we have an answer from the staff or someone that can tell us more about it?


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