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Rank Restricted Ammo Boxes?


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We've been getting lots of questions about the "Last Chance" Gear, the purpose of the thread is to keep tabs on all the questions and information regarding Gear.


1) What does it mean that there is "Last Chance" Gear?


We are overhauling the Gear system in Warframe. The current system of getting Gear needs to be updated.


2) What happens to my old Gear when the new system comes?


You will still be able to use all Gear - it will carry over to the new system.


3) Should I stock up on Gear while I can?


It's up to you. We will be making this type of content available in a different way in the new system, so it's not like you will never again be able to get Gear!


4) What is the new Gear system going to be?


We are eying the Foundry as the method of acquiring Gear.

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