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Unable to log into the site or change password


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So im trying to migrate my account to the switch, but everytime it asks for my password on the account page, it kicks me back to the previous page with a "Please confirm current password" error. I tried changing the password, but it gives me the same error, wtf? So i change my email, since I was looking to do that anyway, and it works fine. So it kicks me back to the log in page to sign in with my new email, which I do, but it then tell me "wrong ID/Password please check your info". I hit the "forgot password link" and change my password through my new email, it seems to work fine. I go back to log in with my new email and password and get the same error, what the actual heck? I literally just changed both of these things, there is no way either are wrong. So I try again, and it blocks my IP address because of too many failed login attempts. This is really jank. Worst part is, despite being able to post here in the forms somehow, I cant send in a support ticket without logging in. Plus Im IP blocked for, what, 24 hours because the login system is bugged? This is very frustrating.


EDIT: If it matters, I havent played this game in a *very* long time. This will be my first login in a few years I think?

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