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Strange Moa affinity issue [Fixed]


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I somewhat recently forma a sentinel weapon a couple of days ago and I wanted to use my moa to level it up. However, when I was doing missions on orb valis or any other non-open world missions, the only time the sentinel weapon got affinity was when the moa got kills with the weapon. I thought it was very strange indeed, so I tried to level up the sentinel weapon on a sentinel instead and suddenly, the weapon got affinity from my teammates and the kills it may or may not managed to get. 

My theory is that when you try to level up sentinel weapons with a moa companion, said weapon don't get affinity from the shared affinity that the teammates would give, but on a sentinel it works as intended.

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On 2018-11-21 at 9:46 PM, CataReverb said:

I'm running into this same issue.  If I were to guess it's because they're modelled off of kubrow/kavats, which don't have separate weapons.

That does sound like a possible reason why the affinity sharing for moa pet's weapon wouldn't work properly. I mean, they do share some of the companion mods.

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