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No "International"-Forums for NSW-Accounts in the Forum visible.


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Heyho Nintenno^^'

Note: This is not a Bug that occurs on the NintendoSwitch-Version of Warframe, but I chose this subforum since only Nintendo Switch Accounts seems to have the following problem.
If this is the wrong section of the Forum feel free to move it into the correct section. Thank you! ❤️

When I login to the Forums using my NSW-Account, all the international Sub-Sections (Russian, German, French, yadayadaya....) dissappear and I cannot access them. 
Here a Screenshot that shows the end of the Forum-Page when I completely scroll down:



(normally the international Forums would appear right under the "Feedback" Section)

using a direct link to the Forum-Section I want to visit (e.g. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/forum/112-deutsch/ )  results in the following error message:

rough translation: unable to find the requested content. Errorcode: 2F176/1
I am not sure how to solve this Bug/Problem on my site so I thought maybe it has something to do with using a NSW-Account? (Because everything is fine and normal when I use my PC-Account in the Forums)

That's about it! Thank you for your time, sry again if this might be the wrong section.

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