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Can't access foundry after transfer


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After transferring my PC account to my nintendo switch, it has come to my attention that i have access to the entire ship minus the foundry. Trying to access the foundry freezes my game, sending me to an empty foundry screen where no items not sections load. I can't back out of this empty foundry screen either, not even by toying around with the quick travel menu to try to access other parts of the ship, only closing and reopening the game let's me continue playing.

Is it possible this was caused by transferring my account while Garuda and other past-Mask of the Revenant content was crafting? Is there any way to fix this at the moment?

This problem only presents itself in the switch account.

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Justo ahora, pyroxide dijo:

Hit the home button and close the software. Launch Warframe again and you should be okay. That is how I solved my problem after migration.

No matter how many times i open the game, i still can't access the foundry, that did not fix it, it just lets me keep playing

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