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Can't log in again


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Same here...
Game told me there is an update. Closed it. Started it again.
Login failed. Check info... The Warframe kneeling on the title screen is the standard Excalubur and not my personal one, too.
I have also migrated my PC account. Would be a shame, if I could not access it again. The migration was one-time-use only.

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No @(NSW)RazberrPiy I haven't migrated and the same thing happened to me. i think its because of the force closing of the game when it prompted you to restart the game for an update. I hope they fix this Soon. Also i'm a veteran player on PC.

UPDATE: it was their login servers. All is well now 🙂

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Hey everybody, mine started working after I closed out of it, waited a minute, then went back to it.

I'm not sure whether or not it matters but what I specifically did was

Go to homescreen
Exit Warframe entirely
Go to settings
Muck around a bit
Back to menu
Open Warframe
Was successfully logged in

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