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the need of a balance for enemy mobs and player.


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ok i defiantly going to have a lot of people that is going to want to gun down my, well i don't really know what to call it considering i don't want to resort to calling it an opinion as i feel like that word has gotten abused way too much to the point they use the word to in defense when they attack someone else with a different opinion.

 but here we go. i remember quiet a few people that require more "tactical" or "strategic" difficulty yet complain when when DE resorts to bullet spounges and nerfing a frame or weapon because its over preforming yet we don't have a straight out base guideline for how a frame or weapon should preform so it ends up either over preforming or under preforming. 

and also i remember people try to argue against a nerf with the endless missions and the ability to endlessly scale, which people often complain the scaling of higher level enemies over 100+.  

so my opinion is to make a equal balance of strategic difficulty and enemy and their health and armor. for the sake of simplifying the endless missions and to just set a boarder line for enemy & player strength. to just set a fixed amount of enemy levels  like lets say 1-100 or 1-150 so that new or old weapons and frames wont over or under preform very bad. (and people wont heavily suggest meta builds) 


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