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The Atomos is Figuratively Unplayable™; the weapon's model covers your crosshair.


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Unless you're dual wielding or carrying the mobile defense data, the ammo cartridge on the Atomos covers up your crosshair while firing and aiming. This visual bug directly impacts gameplay. I'd be fine with simply allowing the gammacor skin to be used with the atomos as an easy fix.

This may seem like a petty thing to some, but its honestly the reason why I can't stand to use the Atomos by itself despite it being one of my favorite weapons.

Here's a gif:


And then some images from the last time I reported this bug.

Firing, not aiming.




Walking while firing or aiming - both result in a full obstruction of the crosshair.



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I've always felt that in general, crosshair obstruction while Aiming has needed work.

If you're up near a wall, your entire warframe can end up blocking the view.

Wall Latching is an exceptionally bad example of this, and why I don't wall latch.


Suggestion to DE:

Mirage's Hall of mirrors clones 'cutaway' visual effect when looking thru them.

apply that same effect to our own warframe whenever we Aim



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