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Vectis Tekelu Skin is sparkling


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Hello, I have had a bug occurring for the past week or so and I thought it was really cool so I never bothered reporting it. The visual effect is only noticeable from my side of the screen, which has been confirmed when I tried to show it to my squad during bounties in Orb Vallis. After [DE]Hunter reminded me about posting bugs here I decided to just let it get fixed(I really think it looks cool so if possible don't fix it for me). Anyways, the gun is the Vectis, and it only happens with the Tekelu Skin. The gun becomes... shiny and almost as if it was doused in glitter glue and all other things to make it reflect light. Here are some pictures!




Personally, I think this would be a cool skin for all the weapons that you can eventually purchase yourself using an in-game currency.

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I am also having this bug. I would like it fixed, as I think it looks really ugly and I liked the way the vectis tekelu skin looked before much better, and especially because it's a platinum-paid skin. I don't care if they make a second skin, or make some toggle option for the people who like it this way, but I want the skin that I paid for.


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