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Bloodletting buff/augment idea


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38 minutes ago, chofranc said:

First, players shouldn't be suggesting augments when the warframe still is new and receiving changes, those should be changes that should be added in the ability. And second, is a good idea.

Yea, that's why I said buff or augment. When I first pitched it to some other players they said that Garuda is strong enough, so it would be more likely to be an augment instead of a straight buff. So I decided to leave that choice to DE. 

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I personally don't think the kit between her Passive, Bloodletting and Blood Alter works.

It's a really cool concept but she just doesn't have the eHP to pull it off. She's holding around 7-8k which is a caster frame's eHP and easy to one-shot. Her Claws are actually pretty solid melee weapons but a melee frame with that amount of eHP and no Invis is just awful.

She strikes me as a Caster / Melee hybrid. Two of her abilities put her in melee range while two do not. They even went out of the way to allow her shield to block melee attacks unlike Volts. If they gave her passive 0.5% Damage Reduction for every 1% of missing health capping 50% DR at 2 Health then I think she would work a lot better overall.

She would at least have around 15k which along with her shield, Healing and Adaptation is something to work with. Maybe I have the wrong idea about her. She looks like she's made to ride the line of death. Bloodletting isn't just for giving energy, it's for boosting her damage output. Still Status cure wouldn't hurt, it does come up a bit plain even with it's dual purpose. Right now I don't see myself using it regardless. I mostly see her hiding behind Volt Shield or Snow Globe spamming her 4th like Banshee would with Sonar.

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