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Guide: best ways to gain standing with Solaris United


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This is a quick guide  on how to farm solaris standing. I shall discuss and list the least efficient to the most efficient. Skip to the bottom if you just want the best method without any discussion.

(Worst) 1. Debt bonds

Debts are expansive. At the start they are a quick way to get medical, advance and familial bonds for ranking up. For veterans with massive resources, they are a way to convert those into bankable standing in preparation for the time when you are on holiday or something and don't have time to farm.

2. Fishing

With highest end fish giving only 1k rep and bait needing standing and hotspots been so hard to find, you need all the fish you can get for their parts. It is a waste to provide them for standing.

3. Bounty

They are a good way to start off when you just got to Orb vailis. You want a copy of every mod anyway. And farming relics for unvaulted warframes are great. But if you look at the pure standing to time spent ratio, they are not the best.

4. Mining

Mining is very good. You need gems for crafting anyway. Spend your time mining until you get to Old Mate.

(Best) 5. Conservation

I didn't know this miracle method until I got to Old Mate and bought a Kubrodon lure. I did the early ones, of course, for floofs. But the standing gained wasn't too impressive for how annoying it is to track footprints. 

Then I got the Kubrodon lure. The weakest Kubrodon type is worth 1.5k-2k. The mid-tier is 3k. The strongest is a whopping 6K standing! My eyes lit up the first time I caught one. To took me a something like half an hour to clear my 25K cap.

Kubrodon, you are the coolest bro. 😎



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On 2018-11-21 at 1:10 AM, wtflag said:

Debts are expansive

expensive 😉

Personally I'd go with this:

1. if you have resource booster or resource chance booster = go mining. About half an hour and you'll have about 20-30k+ standing, depending on luck. How I do it:

- there are several mineral-rich caves (orokin dig site is most dangerous and bountiful). Find them

- use AOE-killing machine. Preferably ember or Saryn (so mobs wont get a chance to disturb you)

- equip your smeeta

- tryhard blues, purposely fail reds UNLESS those have chance for gem (it doesn't matter if you'll get perfect or worst score tbh)


2. Pokemons

- equip ivara (nerfed, she smells bad now), sleep-equinox, or loki (worst of the 3, but beggars can't be choosers) or other frame with sleep.. if there is one.

- equip helios (for scans and also he won't get in a way. Also-also if you have hard time spotting your pokemons, helios might give you scan-sound warning if there's one nearby)

- catch pokemons. The higher tier the better. Or something. Double points for mew


Ignore debts, bounties and fishing. Those are crap. Do those only if you really have to.


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1. Bounties (worst)

Time investment and extra rewards are not worth it. Just don't.

2. Fishing

It used to be about the same level of mining in terms of time/rep but after the mining buffs mining is a bit better.

3. Mining 

For reasons stated above

4. Conservation (best)

Imo it's really only the best once you have access to the kubrodon and I find it more boring than the others but that's subjective.

5. Debt bonds 

They scaile depending on how far you are into the game. But honestly I have millions of credits and billions of resources to spare so I can clear my cap instantly. A lot more niche compared to the other farms but glad de added something to actually deplete our resources for vets.

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On 2018-11-21 at 2:10 AM, wtflag said:

(Worst) 1. Debt bonds

Not if you're a recently returned player who has 0 Solaris standing but has cubic buttloads of resources and credits. If that is the case, you can easily buy your way through the first couple ranks - beats catching snow mice for pitiful standing. Skipping everything in between, bonds become viable again after you start farming the Profit Taker - not like you have any other uses for hundreds upon hundreds of Advances/Familial bonds she drops. 

On 2018-11-21 at 2:10 AM, wtflag said:

The weakest Kubrodon type is worth 1.5k-2k. The mid-tier is 3k. The strongest is a whopping 6K standing!

Actually, Perfect Capture of a Kubrodon Incarnadine yields 8,000 standing a pop. So yeah, with pheromones it's the best way to power-level clanmates for SU standing. 

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Late to the party but.

Conservation is deffinently the quickest no matter your level, it is also extremely productive towards overall grind because you get many fluffs out of the way while also getting rep.

Banshee/Prime + Conservation is the best thing you can go with since it leads to the easiest perfect captures for any type of animal due to the innate silence on the rifle. This makes tripple pobber caps trivial without any planning required.

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@danielteshing took me a while to get what's going on. You kinda added your comment into quote part ;P

Reason is: red veins (metals) don't reward anywhere near as much as blue veins (gems). So no point wasting time and focus on trying to get perfect vein-cutting-minigame on something that's pretty much useless. The only moment where you want to focus on red vein is when it also has a chance for gem in it. In this case you only make sure that 1 segment with gem is successful.

And why purposely fail reds? so its quicker. so they dont ping you on your cutting sunpoint drill thingy. Also for a chance of extra gem minigame in them.


Have in mind its a post from 2 years. Some things might have changed and i haven't played in a while myself to know what's in the game currently.

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