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Rivens"R"Us Toy-store [Godly Akbolto,Attica,Astilla,Tiberon] +15 More [Updated 11/20]

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Welcome to my  "Rivens"R"us Toy-Store"


So Yeah, Im back 😄

I'll be mainly only on during the weekend (Friday-Sunday) 

So if you want to contact me for a riven please contact me on discord since i wont be online much during weekdays and wont be checking forums too often

Discrod ID: UnderGround_Toy_Dealer#2856



The Perfectionist's Playground: Triple Main Dps Stat with Harmless Negative [4kp+] 

Containing:  [Akbolto] [Attica] [Astilla] [Tiberon]





[Akbolto Crita-Satitis] 6k

[Attica Sati-Critaata] 8k

[Astilla Hexa-Critatis] 4k

[Tiberon Hexa-Saticron] 4k [Sold]




Demi-God's Playground: 2-3 Main DPS Stat with a negative [500p-4kp]

Containing: [Angstrum] [Attica] [Buzlok] [Corinth] [Marelok] [Mewan] [Quanta] [Quartaak] [Sobek] [Sonicor[Vectis]





[Angstrum Acri-Hexaata] 750p

[Attica Saticron] 2kp

[Buzlok Acricron] 2kp

[Coirnth Sati-Toxicron] 2kp

[Marelok Acri-Visidex] 750p [Sold]

[Mewan Visi-Critanent] 1kp

[Quanta Crita-Satidex] 2.5kp

[Quartakk Acri-AgriCron] 1kp

[Sobek Criacan] 750p [Sold]

[Sonicor Visi-Critacan] 1.5k

[Vectis Hexa-Saticron] 2.5k





Top Tier Playground: 2-3 DPS stat with or without negative [500p] 

Containing [Hate] [Lacera] [Synapse(Sold)] [Zenith]



All riven here is 500p each

Synapse Sold


Sold Items


God Tier >> https://imgur.com/a/sZAyV  << 

Top/High TIer >> https://imgur.com/a/phgtj << 




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