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Nintendo Switch Migration Question


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So I don't actually own a switch but have been considering it for a while, and since my two favourite games are now on it, I have to ask... can I still play on PC?

I didn't really understand DE's explanation, but I would like to be able to play the same account on both platforms if that is possible. If so I would want to confirm I would still get all my solaris standing and all that it would only show up on the PC version. I doubt this is how it works but I'm hoping Nintendo is a little more kind on this kind of stuff.

Anyone tried this? I just don't want to drop 400 or 500 bucks on a switch only to not even be able to use it, and I play on a laptop anyway...

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6 minutes ago, .Spawn said:

I didn't really understand DE's explanation

This bit?

"Keep in mind Tenno, once migrated, the two accounts act as separate accounts. Which means that you won’t share progress between them!"

You can still play on PC, the Nintendo account is completely separate.

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