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Tek Set Mod issues.


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Tek Gravity rarely seems to work at all. I've only got it to pull enemies towards me on a ground slam once out of dozens of attempts at using the mod. I've tried to attack from various angles and heights all giving me the same result. Am I missing something?

Tek Collateral for some reason seems to effect enemies as well as the warframe as oppose to just the Warframe if the animated glow on both the warframe and enemies within the circle is anything to go by. In addition to this. Tek Collateral does not seems to effect the Kavat itself while in the circle. whether that's a bug or not though I don't know but I would assume it's meant to effect all allies within the circle for the duration.

Sorry if this is too curt but if I didn't just types this all out I would've never gotten this all out of my head.

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