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Warframe skins, and attachments issues


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I'm creating this megathread with the hopes that known visual bugs can be added, discussed, and eventually addressed. Hope it ends up being helpful. 

  • Shoulder attachments and regalia are not properly centered on the left shoulder of the Inaros Ramses skin, instead being placed further back on the shoulder resulting in clipping with syandanas.
  • https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1011351-mag-ferro-skin/ Link to a prior post of mine regarding visual issues with the Mag Ferro skin.
  • https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1015005-trinity-strega-skin-vetala-shoulder-plates/ Link to the post of another user whose armor placement issue I've corroborated.
  • Gara's glass glows rather brightly when attempting to change its color, as though attempting to blind you, but reverts to normal once you've backed out of the customization menus. This is very similar to the issue I detailed in my above post regarding the Mag Ferro skin.
  • Regalia is placed at a slight upward angle on Rhino Prime's left shoulder, but is perfectly parallel on the right shoulder. The difference is rather subtle but certainly noticeable if you're looking closely.
  • The attachment point for the Yamako Prime Syandana is set too far inside the back of Mirage Prime, causing excessive clipping.

This small list only covers what I have seen personally, so if anyone else has experienced these or has others not listed above, please add/link them in the comments below in hopes that the bigger and more accurate the thread becomes, the more likely the issues can be noticed and addressed in the future. Best wishes fellow Tenno.


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