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Eye Shader broken in certain areas


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So this is a problem that a buddy of mine actually pointed out to me and I managed to confirm it with him and decided to make a post about it. It seems in certain areas, specifically in Fortuna, and other low light rooms with high intensity light sources. In the war within quest in the cave areas for example we are also noticing this problem. It appears that the shader for the eye texture for the whites of the eyes themselves is either broken or reflection is going a little off the scale. I managed to get a zoomed in picture of my eyes and aside from the iris of the eyes on my operator, everything that should be white instead looks like a fisheye lens static view of the rest of the room >.> this is probably not intentional and can be slightly distracting. It's a minor detail I know but in my friends case, he doesn't have an eye glow and you can't even see his eyes at all because its so bad which is a little off putting.


Screen shots to give a better idea.


This is an image of my operator in the backroom in Fortuna. It's pretty easy to see the reflection of the room and the table and floor in the eyes on this one.



This is my buddy in the same room (used the same room for testing purposes) and while it is a little harder to see, you can still see the same general reflection in his eyes which makes the rest of his eyes really hard to see.

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