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Solaris United standing bug


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After doing some conservation i noticed i was not gaining standing for Solaris United.

I had entered Orb Vallis with 33,200 standing with Solaris United and 12,510 standing remaining on my daily cap limit. I gained the remainder of my daily cap limit through conservation and upon my return, was still at 33,200 standing but i had lost my remaining daily standing gains.

Normally, i should have been brought up to 45,710 standing. However, i remained at 33,200 despite gaining 12,510 standing that seemed to vanish as soon as the mission was completed.

Video support:



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To follow up, I've repeated the same circumstances of the first video. I entered Orb Vallis with only 200 standing. I gained 19425 standing through conservation and a bounty. Upon returning to Fortuna, i had only gained 17,025 standing bringing my total to 17,225 as shown in the video. This time, none of my daily standing limit was lost in the void. However, i did not gain the full rep i had accumulated.


Video Support:



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Same has happened to me. I entered with about 13000 standing, gained about 10000 standing through conservation, the mission progress tab told me that I should be at my standing cap for that title, but on entering fortuna I had gained no reputation.

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Same thing happened to me. I started with around 50k, captured so much, my standing reached over 70k, which is the maximum atm for me. Once i entered fortuna, its back to 50k and i lost my daily standing !


Edit: Just relogged, still gone, what a waste of time 😞


Maybe the problem is, collecting pobbers too fast, they usually spawn 3 at a time and i just get them all really fast, more experimentation is needed here.

Edit: It may just be a visual bug, the blue value shown after capture is correct, but the value of the progress bar is double of the gain, thats a UI bug, not sure how it affects the standing caps and the daily standing limit.

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