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Does K-Drive obtained via crafting really give mastery?


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1 minute ago, ---Merchant--- said:

What,why,i saw no warning anywhere ingame,if it is true i will message support with my angry tantrum
'till then I'd like official source for that information,and yes wikipedia does not count.

Yeah i keep reading the wiki saying that.... if they're lying then they're obviously on a power trip and misleading people


 DE has repeatedly stated that its only cosmetic.

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After the latest fixes any K-Drive started giving mastery. I've bought Flatbelly and Bad Baby for plat and crafted Needlenose. Received 9000 mastery after upgrading them once.

FYI, I've bought the first two before fixes, and they didn't give any mastery at first. After the fixes I've equipped one, done a trick in the Vallis and returned to Fortuna, then checked my profile: +3000 mastery. Same for the other one. Crafted board was giving mastery properly from the start, no issues there.

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