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"Log in failed" issue


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I played Warframe for quite some time now and I just saw this issue just popping up in every groups and forums about Warframe. Most of them say the fix is a VPN which is not an efficient fix. I never encountered this issue and I come from a region where the issue is mostly experienced. I think I never experienced this issue because I use Public DNS, Google DNS to be exact rather than the default ISP provided DNS. I did it on my router so that my whole network would be under it but you can also do it on individual pc or laptop. And I can attest that I never came across or experienced this issue. I have no problem logging in Warframe whatsoever. I suggest you try it for yourself if it works for you because some of the people I told about it that have the issue said it's resolved by just changing their DNS. If it won't work for you then I think DE should really look in to this matter. 

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