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Nekros' Soul Punch tweaks


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his first ability currently forces the enemy into a projectile, which has incredible rag-doll. You know why that's a problem, because in game-play it'll launch an enemy hundreds of miles away, or just make them bounce in the corridors...

I suggest we TWEAK his Soul Punch to be much more synergistic.

  • It should now apply an impact proc and knock down the enemy, while sending his soul as a projectile, similar to the trailer. Can bounce on surfaces
  • If the enemy that was hit by his Soul Punch survives, is now marked for "Death". Enemy also suffers puncture proc making his damage less.
  • upon death marked enemy can now be Desecrated for a Special resource that is picked by his Shadows to buff their damage, health...

As you seen, it has a lot of synergy but it doesn't ruin the current flow of Nekros players, of having to keep casting abilities.

What are ya'll thoughts, what could the special resource do besides buff the Shadows?



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