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Switch Bug reports question


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15 minutes ago, Marcu3s said:

Tried loging in with the Nintendo account and it is the same. The "Start the new topic" button is still not present.

It's not your fault mate.  About 3 months ago Xbox and PS4 were one category.  After DE announced Switch version they decided to break these two up and then make a separate subforum for each platform.

As you can tell their system has officially gone haywire and turned select console players into PC Members.  (seriously it's not even all, just some - you aren't alone though)

Support team and the Forum team are both aware of the bug.  Support can in fact toggle you to a Switch Member, but you will revert to PC Member status within 12 hours so imo it's not worth your time.

There's nothing we can do but sit and wait for the forum team to fix this.. and believe me, I've been waiting months.  I'm a PSN member right now... but just yesterday I was a PC Member.  It switches erratically.  

The best thing to do is go to General Discussion, make your bug post there - then report your own post and when it asks why you're reporting, write in it that you can't post in the right section and ask the mod to move it - they will, you won't get in trouble or anything.

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