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Warframe on Switch


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I downloaded this today, migrated my PC account over, and played for a while. It looks absolutely fantastic for a game running on what is essentially a glorified tablet, and it ran smoothly in the missions I tried out (most solo exterminates and spy missions for me, so not exactly a stress test, but still).

I probably won't play it much, but that's more down to me and the Switch than the port or the game. I'm just.. I don't have the words for how terrible I am at aiming with those stupid thumb sticks. And I never appreciated how important aiming is for parkour and bullet jumping, not just shooting, until I had to do it with a gamepad. I had to..walk around. With my legs. Like some kind of animal. And I don't know how everyone else is using chat, but I've got no way to communicate with people in the game unless I have time to use a virtual keyboard with the direction pad.

Anyway.. I'll be logging in from time to time, looking for new Nintenno to help out a bit with mods or frames that can just spam AOE CC/damage/whatever, but the PC will remain my primary account. Just wanted to say good job here in the feedback forum, and I hope the game is just as successful on Switch as it has been elsewhere.

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