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Words from Fulren on the tombfinger riven:

Tombfinger +Damage, +Multishot, +Magazine Capacity, -Zoom
Stats rating: 7/10 (B)
Estimated price range: 1200-2800
Likely to be closer to: 1800-2200
Stop rolling, you got what you came for.

1. +Damage is a universally awesome stat and it gives the most DPS of all stats to secondaries.
2. +Multishot is always very  welcome. It gives about the same DPS as +Damage and adds a bit of "fake" (still good) Status Chance.
3. +Magazine Capacity is not particularly useless, but not desirable.
4. -Zoom is the universal awesome negative. Some people might not like the feeling of it, but otherwise, it doesn't cause any other issues coming with other negatives.

Asking 1.8k or accepting reasonable offers. PM me on Warframe using "/w VarenDerpsAround Hey" or on here, which may take a short while longer to respond.

Thanks, and have a great day everyone.

Edited by VarenDerpsAround
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