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Which frame is your fav/your main frame


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Just now, Lixon99 said:

What frame is you most favorite frame or your main frame and why?.

Tell us what kind of weapon you use for your frame and build it will help me and other:)

My main is Frost

Favorite is limbo prime and chroma prime. i will farm them both.

I use hek. why? cuz with a potato and a catalyst. its sweet 

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Oberon maybe. I bring it for Phoenix Renewal, and heal for most of my pub runs so I can contribute and just do what I enjoy most which is using the weapons to get kills. Most used is Loki though. Its just so much easier and faster to run objective based missions like Sabotage and Capture in stealth. Especially on Kuva farming floods. 

Trying out some melees right now and so far Heavy blades are fun with Gram and Paracesis. The new kitguns are fun to try out and for Primaries still Tiberon most of the time i guess. 

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Vauban is my prefered because he allways have something to trap enemies with some stupid combos.

Then Mag & Reveant because of the synergies they have with their spells.

For weapons I am now in love of the Sigma & Octantis as melee and Zenith (or sometimes Lenz and Rubico Prime) as primary wich would not really help you since the two mains are login reward sorry x) For secondary I change often between Twin Grakatas, Fusilai or Prisma Angstrum.

Sigma & Octantis = Super  high stats and fun combo with you shield that you can throw

Zenith = Two shoting modes and infinite penetration that allows you to attack threw wall and montains !

Lenz = High power of destructions especially with Vauban vortex.

Rubico Prime = Because it's a non negaciable one shot hitscan weapon.

Twin Grakatas = Because Clem, two grakatas are better than one !

Fusilai = I like this kind of throwing knives and it has two modes and the bests stats of this kind of weapon.

Prisma Angstrum = Super high damage in area and potentiel to apply multiple status in one shot.

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Well for me i like Harrow for now because of his ability.

Health shield energy and some fire rate and reload speed buff no problem.

His 4th good critical chance and critical damage and make him invulnerable to damage for a short time.

His 1th is good to trap the enemy good for all mission.

For the weapon i just use Lanka for now. because of damage and heatshot.

Secondary Akstiletto prime. just if there too many enemy around me.

Melee i just use Zenistar for now. Because of trowing disk against enemy and elemental damage.

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This is a difficult question for me because I like to play so many.

My most used is Frost Prime, but I used him so much that I kinda burned out.

My next on the list are Zephyr Prime, Nezha and I really enjoy Garuda lately.

Some more frames I like to play are Revenant, Khora and Oberon Prime.

There are just so many...

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Still Excalibur. He's been my main since launch. He is a fantastic mix of tankiness, crowd control, speed, and damage. Love him to death. 

Other favorite frames are Ash for being the edgy ninja boi, Nova for being an adorable explosion girl, and Rhino for being the unstoppable Rhino. 

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I use Limbo a LOT. Specifically Limbo Prime.

He's kind of a cult classic frame - not a lot of people use him both extensively and seriously (i.e. not trolling), but those that do really know his ins and outs and how to make him work for any situation, even ones he doesn't typically thrive in, like assassination - he's actually one of the top choices for Hemocyte runs IMO. He's a tough frame to use without causing problems for other players, so I generally wind up using him Solo so I can 'stretch out' a bit and do my own thing.

For some advice if you go for him, I'd recommend practicing in solo first to get a hang of the rift so you don't mess up your teammates. The stereotype of 'the Limbo who has no idea what they're doing' is all-too-common, and I was far from immune to this when I was learning too - there's several interactions I'm not proud of in retrospect. Another piece of advice is to learn how to play and build him without putting enemies in the rift (not an easy task with how squishy he is), and you'll be all the more powerful and versatile once you add the rift back in, since then the rift will be an extension of your options, not a factor that limits where you can fight, 

For your build, personal preference is important. With Limbo, going with what you feel comfortable with will get you more mileage than the meta since Limbo's meta is max-range and as much duration as possible, which a lot people hate and I find sucks the fun out of encounters on your end. Go with as much range as you feel comfortable. Generally speaking, range on Limbo increases his raw power, but negatively impacts his precision which lead to unintentional banishes or your bubble crossing over with Nullifiers, which is why different Limbos like different amounts of range. Duration's usually a safe bet, but there's a setup that uses minimum Duration and Rift Torrent to put together a 'pseudo DPS' arrangement. Not my cup of tea, but I hear it's a potent alternative playstyle.

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Nyx is still my favourite despite the issues (namely the particle effects on absorb when using assimilate requiring turning them off in graphics settings to see out of the bubble, and my personal minor peeve with the sound effect of chaos). But in terms of gameplay it tickles an aspect of my control fantasy. I main mesmer for the lifetime of guild wars 2 and yes while Loki is kind of more akin to this thematically, I prefer Nyx's hiding in plain sight crowd control rather than perma stealth and a couple of tricks. On that note I like Mirage's 2 and 4 skills, but really dislike the 3 and 1 because they're just toggle on and forget - waste of skill slots as they're pretty much passive abilities. When I first saw the name of this class and with Mirage being my favorite spec in gw2 I thought this would be my favorite but discovered it's sadly just a glorified weapon specialist. Prism is beautiful though.

Mag tied for first place because I love the crowd control - almost like playing Adept in mass effect or various force powers in Jedi Knight games. The animations are excellent, and this is one of the few frames that has no distracting audio or visual effects (ie excessive particles). I love the "fist pump" animation of Polarise, Crush is just awesome, Magnetise reminds me of Stasis Bubble from mass effect 3 multiplayer, and Pull/Lift was always my favorite power there too so naturally it's nice to have a pull that works on shields and armour! (not gimped to only work on health as in a certain other game...). Also the tennogen Ferro skin is incredible - the only tennogen skin I felt was a must buy as it's so beautiful.

So yeah, Nyx and Mag both favourites - one for mind control fantasy, the other for telekinetic control fantasy. 🙂


As for weapons, I love the Dread and tend to use it on a lot of things. Just looks good and is satisfying to use. For secondaries I don't really have a favorite but I haven't got a kitgun yet and very likely one of these will take the favourite spot.

Melee, well I love the sparring weapons - also kogake prime styles extremely well with mag's aesthetic (and yes I bought the edo prime armour so the whole thing looks good together). But funnily enough my favourite weapons right now are the scythes - Hate in particular with reaping spiral stance. Sure far from the most useful but I love how it looks and the combo animations. Guandao is up there too mainly because the blade can be coloured and has the metallic finish.

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Personal three frames I like the most is probs Saryn, Limbo and Oberon. Mainly for the aesthetic although if you check my profile my most used is probably Limbo followed by Oberon. Saryn is a new addition as I was lazy to farm her, but overall I don't have a strong preference for anything.


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My all time favorite frames are the Nyx, Mag and Nova. My newest fav and main is Octavia but I do like Khora too. I like almost all the rooster but there are still frames what I do not own or tried to get because seemed to me those are not my playstyle.

Actually Testing differend builds with Garuda but she also seems fine. I am hyped about the next female frame after Balruuk, because I hope they will finally add Flora or Hennya because both are nice designs and I can imagine them as my new favorite aswell.

Other mentions Tiburon the water elemental warframe, Vespa the bee like female frame, Balrog the devilish female frame and Widow/Drider because we do need spiders aswell.

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For me my main is Nekros. I've always loved Summoner/Necromancer playstyles and Nekros fits it pretty dang well! I pair him with a Plague Zaw (Status mostly) but mostly I've been using the new Kitguns and it's been working wonders for my build. 

You know: writing this and thinking of how I play Nekros makes me think of the Diablo 2 Necromancer and how close I play to him, ha.

Shadows = Skeletons.

Companion (Raksa or MOA) = Golem.

Harrow Specter = Hireling.

To me it's kinda funny. But yeah Nekros is for sure my go to frame!

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I main Inaros these days. Used to be zephyr.

for primaries, I use Rubico prime or arca plasmor depending on the mission type.

secondary is usually prisma twin grakatas but I’m building up the akvastos now.

melee is a plague kripath zaw or katana zaw.  I like to use an arca titron on my volt just for the electricity theme.  Hammers are a lot of fun. Or I also have a dokhram heavy weapon zaw with a reach riven and Primed reach.  That’s a heck of a lot of reach. I want to get that skiajati built up some day too.  Also a fan of the venka primes.  They are stylin!

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