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Adarza Kavat glitch


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Currently putting forma onto and leveling up my kavat.

so far 3 forma into the build and every time I go back in to see what the next thing I need to look at, there are no mods on the kavat. No mods appear in the bottom inventory as well. 

Backing out and going back in “upgrade” reveals all the mods in inventory but the kavat is still empty of mods. 

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Bumping and confirming. This also happens when I take my Adarza out of stasis. Persistent issue.

Two interesting points:
1) Animal Instinct stays on.
2) Upon first load of the mod screen, the eight slots are spaced downwards as if to make space for a stance/aura slot.

Subsequent loads reset the vertical positioning of the slots but do not restore the other mods, leaving Animal Instinct to be very lonely.

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Having this exact same glitch, leveling a smeeta with formas.

I come back to the ship, open my kavat's upgrade screen to check it's mods, there is nothing. no mods installed in the cat, no mods in my lower bar.

if i exit and re-enter I can see the lower bar mods again, but the mods on the cat have been removed.

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