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Animal immediately startled after spawn


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Even while calling them at max feasible distance, with Ivara Stealth, making sure I'm downwind, then rolling as fast as possible about 75m away, sometimes, the muckers will just startle by themselves.

It is highly possible IMO that they actually startle from all the impossible corpus airdrops and the like whose patrol paths seem to lead them to your capture point with proctological precision...

At first, I was very enthusiastic about conservation, but the amount of bugs and simply arbitraty BS - especially while Kubrodon hunting - makes it extremely grating in the long run.


Seriously, those things are rare probably because they get heart attacks from being startled by their own farts...

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I've had about 3 strange failed conservation attempts (out of at least a hundred). Once, I know they got scared off by those buggering corpus patrols (outside my scanner range, or they'd have been dealt with beforehand). Twice I got them failed almost as soon as I'd called on them. I'm always as downwind as possible (I scope the whole place out before calling them), but sometimes they just fail.

I usually use Ivara/sleep for hunting them. Find poop, call, get reply, find the direction they are coming from (and work out where you will be hiding), call again, get reply, immediately switch to weapons (so you can hotkey abilites) and jump to pre-determined hiding point. When statonary in place, immediately go invis and wait for target. Use sleep arrow, jump towards target as accurately as possible. Quickly tag/collect.

Kubrodons can be a real pain compared to the other species. The others all take a tranq dart/sleep arrow and play dead while you go afk. If you're hunting Kubrodons, make sure as soon as that arrow flies you are already flying through the air towards it for the capture. You don't have long at all, and they just throw off a second sleep attempt on them, unless you are really lucky.

Making the judgement on exactly where I will be taking the shot has been far and away the most influential part of completing the conservation missions. Even given some bugs now and again, you can plan for almost every single attempt being a perfect capture.

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