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Trigering Event in Fortuna seem slowing down Frame Speed


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Hello, I'm having a lot of issues while playing in Orb Vallis, and after a lot of testing, i'm here to share the "result".


First, I have to say, I can run the game in Hight Performance in all content (missions, sorties, raids, solo, long runs with a ton of mobs) , without having any lag or any loss of Frame).

I can even farm on OrbVallis for hours, for fish, mining, tore farm etc, only if i do the same thing.

But there is some moment I call trigering event, where all go wrong after.

Talking to an NPC to get a new Bounty (the second time you take a bounty).

Hacking a CyrcleCorpusBike when doing an Ambush Bounty.

Hacking a console in Corpus Bases when doing an Infiltration.

Taking the Fortuna Elevator more than once (look the same kind of issue I already have with Cetus Gates)

Using Esc to watch the Mission Progress (only happen when an other Trigger listed already happend)

The small scene you get when fishing your first fish (only happen when an other Trigger listed already happend)


All of these "events" will have an effect on Frame Time, and the impact they have is additive. More Events make more Frame Time issues, and a massive loss of FPS.

At the start i'm having Small game freeze like 2/3 seconds, and after a moment it go up to 10/30 seconds (i'm playing solo on Fortuna, so its like i put the game in  "pause" , but i loose 1 or  2 seconds , making me fail Hacking and Infiltration.

It will do the same in Medium and Low graphics, and without any other app runing.

If i leave Fortuna/Orb Vallis,  i can play any missions/raid without issues, but if i go back on Fortuna/Orb Vallis, the Frame Time will go immediatly down.

If i want to go back there, the only option will be to restart Warframe, until an other event show his face.


Thank you to anyone reading me, and sorry if it's hard to read me,  I am not english.

I realy hope we can get some improvment on these issues.

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A little update since last time (after hotfix 21.1.3 PC)


The issues I called Trigering Event are still here on Orb Vallis. I can farm during 1 or 2 hours, only if i do the same thing, like grinding for Tores, or mining.


As soon i want do any other action, the Frame Speed start becoming crazy, and eatch event will add more time to these freeze. exemple this morning, i farmed some Tores in the Temple of Profit during 2 hours without any issues. I just press Esc to check my ressources, Frame time get crazy.


I am realy worried about the next addition in Orb Vallis, because i don't think i will be able to join a group for any kind of mission we will have in order to defeat these giants robots.

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