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Update the Tek Modset Gimmick


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Like most of the Set mods there are some really nice ideas behind the mechanics that underlie the Set bonus. The Tek set introduced with Fortuna adds some nice functionality for Kavats but the gimmick fails due to the "Marked area" generating from your companions location instead of the players. From one cat-enthusiast to DE it is really unrealistic to assume, due to the nature of the all-things-feline, that my wildly flailing feline companion can be expected to put this someplace useful.. I mean they are cats-like critters.

Would it be possible to update this to generate the Marked area at the player instead? (Fetch was recently updated in a similar manner to focus the point of effect on the player so there is precedent)

On the same note: Please update Tek Gravity to function all the time instead of just in the "Marked area". This mod would be a lot of fun if it worked all the time instead of the current "only in this tiny circle while it's on" effect. Soaking a mod slot for this type of bonus seems like a steep price to pay for an effect that is only available every 15 seconds in a "designated" 15m area that is probably not going to be where the badguys are anyways.

Truly appreciate all your hard work! Fortuna is really an awesome release and I have been enjoying it so very much.

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