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Clan needs a warlord



Hello my clan is very inactive very. I'm the only one active in it and the co-own left unknown why he did. I'm the founding Warlord the one that started it all. Me and the co-own sunk heaps of platinum to rush it to be fully built. The research is 97% done. 

I'm here to find someone witch will take the warlord status and take full control to wip this clan in to shape. Reshaping the dojo if they won't applying rules. Promoting demoting kicking banning recruitment. You won't answer to me or ask if it's okay to do stuff. So if someone comes to me I can't override what you say or have done. This clan will become yours as it is mine.

Even if a another clan needs more room they can alliance and use this clan to push over members to it. (as a secondary clan)

Just won't this clan fully active again

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