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Why wont DE Fix this logon issue?


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[DE]Nero (WARFRAME Support)

Nov 21, 04:03 EST

Unfortunately this is a part of the IP protection that is enabled for the Warframe Servers and is a completely automated system. All of these bans are temporary, but Support does not have a means of sharing how long these bans can be, or removing them manually. In the mean time, using a fast and reliable VPN for your area can be a temporary fix until the ban is lifted from your IP. We would suggest trying once each day to login to Warframe so that you know when the ban has been lifted.

 Unfortunately aside from that the only other thing i can suggest at this point is asking your ISP for an IPv6 connection if you haven't gotten one already. These issues are sometimes caused by IPv4 connections and changing your connection type could fix the issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sorry that we can't be of more help in this situation


There is a growing logon failure issue experienced by players and DE wont fix it, but they are the ones causing it?

Surely there is a more customer centric approach to resolving this?

Why must I now pay for a VPN service to logon and play the game in a degradation mode and my ISP does not use IPv6, so must I change ISP as well?

This has never happened to me with any other online game I have played, free, subscription based or paid for. This cant be right?


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I believe the real problem is, carrier grade NAT that put hundreds or thousands of users behind the same public IPv4 address, because the internet have no more public IPv4 address. One bad user can cause problems for everyone sharing the same public IPv4 address, such as too many wrong email and wrong passwords. This problem also happens to PS4 unable to sign in (WS-37397-9), and PS4 doesn't have full support of IPv6 yet. This problem will only get worst, until we all move to IPv6.

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