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Replace Ember's Overheat With This:


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Volatile Cloud (replaces overheat) - Creates a stationary, slowly expanding cloud of combustible gas in an area. Any enemies passing through it take a small amount of damage and are stricken with a Combustible Cloud debuff (could have a visual element, like a vapor trail emanating from them).


If the cloud itself, or any enemies that havethe Combustible Cloud debuff, are set on fire by means of any of Ember's other 3 abilities, they explode violently.


The Cloud itself erupts into a massive volcano of fire that ragdolls any enemies caught within or nearby, and sets them on fire (DoT). Enemies that had the cloud debuff also catch fire if set-alite, and ragdoll taking more DoT damage).


This combo's VERY well with Ember's #1. Throw down the cloud in a choke. Wait for enemies to gather near/on it, then toss a fireball at it. Boom.




My reasoning for thinking of ways to replace overheat is that the current ability is rather bland and boring. As it was before this patch it was just a straight 91% damage reduction, with nothing really special. A rather boring ability on a Warframe that should be all about setting motherf******s on fire.


What I personally felt is that with Overheat ember felt rather bland, boring, and difficult to balance without nerfing overheat and making her horrible. So I opted for another route: replace overheat with an interesting ability that combo's exceptionally well with her other abilities, and helps to make her a boss damage dealing / DoT class.



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seems nice but it would be a shame 2 let overheat go there both good but i am aginst it simply because it will be annoying 2 program and ember might be restricted for a while plus id say overheat is just as good mosly because its embers only semi-defencive move





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i also agree that Overheat is... well, it's lacking features that make it interesting. it's just an aura of stat bonuses, in both iterations. 

it's... just not interesting. it isn't a power that gives the player more tools to experiment with the game and come up with creative answers, it creates an answer that always has Overheat as part of it. 


that being said, Overheat does have good utility, but it just doesn't provide it in an interesting way. stat bonuses for energy is the most basic way a power can be setup. we can do better than that with so many heads to use for thinking.

this power can still have some stat bonuses in it, but... it should be more unique then just an up arrow and down arrow when you press a button.

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There are alot of people harping how Overheat is now far too similar to World on Fire, and I do have to agree with that. This proposition is a good one, imo. Maybe give WoF the benefits of Overheat, and then add this new ability in. I see no problems with it and gives Ember both power and debuffing abilities. +1

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What I suggested in my thoughts on the new tweaks.


Ember. Hard to say actually, while I like where she is headed I feel her entire idea needs more work now. I like the idea of Fireball, but it is still pretty weak, Way better than it was but maybe it should be a higher skill?


Idea I have is roll World on Fire with OverHeat. Make Fireball number 3 give it a 3-5 meter radius(or a half meter or meter bigger than Torid gas cloud size) of AoE for say about 250 damage per tick(AoE fire last AT LEAST as long as Torid clouds do BEFORE duration mods) with 500 per fireball direct hit. Armor ignore and 3x damage on normal infested.


Fire Blast is good.


Currently Ember suffers from what Rhino had, Overheat and World on Fire are almost exactly the same besides damage output and the very minor defense boost now. Why not do a "Stomp" put the effects of Over heat INTO World on fire, if an enemy is right next to ember the fire damage would stack (within the range of Overheat's radial effect) and you get the minor damage resistance.


As for what her new one skill would be....How about a fire trail? Ember is generally a "caster" roll it would allow her to run from infested with ease since fire stuns them a lot, and with modding the fire trail  could be made wide enough for her to charge head first in with World on Fire, and a fire trail on her causing her mere presence on the battlefield fry enemies to crispy bits.

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