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Venari pathing in heal mode

(XBOX)Cotton Tail

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When putting Venari in heal setting and then marking Khora there are some occasions where Venari ceases to follow and simply stands immobile. This seems to be reproducible by parkouring  (is that a word?) away so that she loses line of sight to the warframe and far enough so that the healing icon vanishes. Venari then stands still and cannot be encouraged to move until the stance mark timer (120 secs) expires or the stance is changed to attack/defend. 



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45 minutes ago, Lluminate said:

I've noticed this too. This post should be in bug reports, though.

Agreed - however I've had to post a bug in PC area because the forums are bugged and even though I'm an Xbox user it has me as a PC user, so I can't post in the Xbox forums!

Never rains but it pours eh...


To the kind person that moved this from feedback - please could you move it to XBox bugs rather than PC? As mentioned above the forums won't let me post in XBox even though I'm playing on it....

Edited by (XB1)Cotton Tail
Request to move post again...:-)
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