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Loki Shield Bug (I Think, Maybe Its Not)


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So, my problem is that I have Redirection at 320% but my Loki has only 465 shield.
My friends told me that my shield should be arround 600-700 with this high percentage. 

This is a bug?
The Loki is at 30.
Also, the helmet I use doesn't affect on the shield (tried to unwear it, but anything changes).

Thanks :D


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this is not a bug, you and your friend just don't know how to do math.




Also about the helmet: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Essence_Loki_Helmet



neither of his helmets are supposed to effect shield.

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Redirection goes off of base shield not your final shield after levelling. Loki has 75 base shield, so for your Loki, your shield is calculated this way:


(75 x 4.2) + 150 = 465


With a max redirection, you have a 555 shield.


If it went off your final shield, you'd have a 945 shield or a 1215 with a max Redirection.

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Then, the 320% applies to the 75 base instead of the 220? (I'm just new in the game, zz, you must be fun at parties)

Yes, from what I understand the 320% applies to the 75 base, and then adds how much it is at his current level. i.e. 225+240=465.

And I apologize for coming off as rude. I was just being a smart-&#!

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