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Riven Challenge with new Fortuna Gear


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I might have found a minor bug.

Yesterday’s sortie gave me a Rifle Riven:

Catch one Fish Mine one crystal or metal Kill one enemy in 30 seconds Alone

Done that one a couple of times and I never had any problems.

I have my spot in the Plains of E. … so I went there and tried it. 3(!) times, everything was perfectly set up, but nothing happened. And I am very sure that I was fast enough.

I was using the new Fortuna Gear: “Stunna Fishing Spear” and “Sunpoint Plasma Drill”.

After my 3rd try I switched back to the old plains of e. gear and I could unveil the riven first try. Although I thought I was far too slow.

Unfortunately I have no recording to proof but as I tried to explain, that riven was never a huge challenge.

And immediately after switching back to the old gear I could unveil the riven even thinking being too slow.

So maybe there might be an Issue with that Riven Challenge and the new Gear?

Or just the new gear in the plains of E?

Or maybe it was just me the first 3 times...

So long and thanks for all the fish,

Live long and prosper

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