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Hotfix 24.0.9 breaks Perla Skin w/ Arca Scisco again


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Hey guuuuys you regressed again. Not sure what's going on with this but as a common user of this pistol/skin combo I notice it a lot. Ok so, Arca Scisco is a reasonable speed sniping laser pistol. This hotfix, claims to have fixed 'sounds' with the skin however when I saw that patch note I had to immediately go out and check and as I expected this is broken again. Namely the visual the other parts I'm not sure what's intended.


Back and forth for months, this weapon/skin combo keeps changing. I'm not sure what the developer intent here is on the way it should be, but I've used this combo a long time, and there's been two major 'versions' of how this pistol works with this skin. The one, is how it is as of today, it shoots the laser and makes the laser sound (and has a graphical bug in the revolver magazine which drives me nuts I'll post an image below, main reason why I've reported this as a bug a few times before whenever the 'laser' version of the skin comes back, especially on a deluxe skin.) The other 'version' is where it uses a regular bullet sound and doesn't show the laser graphic and acts as a normal pistol.

Artistic intent is up to DE I don't know which way they intend on it being, it's just a bit startling that it seems every other non-hotfix patch changes the visual/audio style of my weapon. More importantly though is the visual bug and why I keep reporting this. What happens is the maps often start ok, but within a very short amount of time, the revolver magazine gets dislodged in the skin, and positions itself outside of it's hole and back behind the gun as seen in the image below it's a really annoying visual lol.



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