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Two questions for Switch players Re: accounts + controls


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Hi there,

I'm considering trying Warframe on Switch.  I used to play on my PS4.  I'll get to the point.

  1. Can you navigate menus on the Switch version without using the right-stick every time you need to scroll?  I saw a screenshot of a market menu and the screen literally had room for one row of items; I'm hoping you don't need to use both hands to scroll through every row of that thing, but maybe you do...?
  2. Can you unlink your Switch account if you need to?  I have a PS4 account, and at the time-being porting to Switch is only available for PC.  But if it comes someday, I wouldn't want to be locked out from using it on my Nintendo account because I had already linked to making a new account.  This is why I haven't been able to answer the first question for myself yet.

Thanks for the help!

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