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Dojo decorations - proper water


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Hello there,

this is a suggestion,but also a request and I hope so much we'll get it one day :)

So,as an dojo decorator I've started to look at things differently,at the maps from DE differently,everywhere I look I see decorations putted together and I also see so many of them that I would like and love to see in dojo,unfortunately there are so many objects that would be so epic to have in our dojo's.

It could be a whole list,but there is one most important thing ,that would completely change dojo's - water ,i am not sure if it would cause any huge performance problems,but water, a simple square of water would be perfect.

I know we have waterfalls,but these are just waterfalls and it's absolutely terrible to work with them,of course you can make wonders even with them,but why making it much harder than it actually could be.

Need example?This simple picture is a lake in Fortuna,that's a square of water I am talking about here :


Thank you for any consideration :-)



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