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Sentinel weapons do not get exp. while equiped on Moas


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Yeah I trying to lvl up vulklok on my moa and been using it sence release only lvl 13 atm. And that is with 15 waves of hydron using boosters  about 20-30 waves without booster and some fortuna bounties and othere stuff played. the exp gain is crazy small it gonna take months at this speed I starting to regreat that forma now.

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On 2018-11-21 at 10:49 PM, CuteFoxyFox said:

Any sentinel weapons installed on Moas do not gain Exp.

That is mostly all I have to write. Put any sentinel weapon on Moa and it almost wont gain Exp. It may gain like 2% of shared exp i guess.

Look into it please ^_^

Install those on any other sentinel and it would gain xp once more

I doeing it with Carrier prime ( no fuzz ) ..

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Duplicate text .. not ideal
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