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Bloody Vanguard


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-Bv-:clem:{Bloody Vanguard}:clem:|R10 MoonClan|All Research|Decorated Dojo|800+ Active Members|30day inactive kick|MR5+ Only|Discord|Clan Events|

If your looking to join you can try to message me -Bv-Jordan11v or you can look in region chat or recruitment chat for anyone else with -Bv- in their name and they will help you get into the clan.

We have have a restriction of Mastery Rank 5 + but there is one way to bypass our limiting factor. If you or a friend meet the requirement of MR5 or higher we will gladly accept you both (or more) into the clan since we dont like to separate friends.

People to message to join and remember this is a PC Clan



















chris  <-- Yes that is his username


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