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Gara Splinter Storm UI


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The addition of the damage counter for Splinter Storm was nice, thank you for that.  Regarding the timing of the ability I think there a few ways it could be further improved.

1: Add a timer to the damage counter if Gara has splinters cast on herself.  The timer in the status effect bar can get lost if you have a lot of statuses affecting you, and the one on the ability bar only displays your latest cast instance.

2: Once Gara's splinters reach 5 seconds it would be nice if the damage counter were to start pulsing, maybe with an audible but unintrusive sound effect.

3: It would be very useful if there were status icons next to extractors, rescue targets, or defense targets similar to the ones in the status effect bar for players.

One other recommendation, maybe make a ring divided into 12 sections around the damage counter if Mass Vitrify is currently active and remove sections as the wall gets damaged.  I hope these ideas are well received and that my favorite frame continues to get some love and support in the future.

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I've only recently gotten gara and been using her in arbitrations. The UI issue for me is a big one.

Her loosing the glass armor gives me false sense of security only then for me to realize that I dont have the buff on myself but on my squadmates/companion.

Gara needs similar type of of UI indicator as Nezha and I would argue - same type of mechanic with the radial burst, only in her case it would be the glass blast that would stagger enemies. Atm the indicator only shows the accumulated damage of splinter storm but no TIMER.

Its a DR ability which is ESSENTIAL. Cant mess with that. Especially in Arbitrations.

Mesas 3 has a sound effect that tells you that it has ran out. Nezha even has INVULNERABILITY period after his warding halo runs out.

The splinters that circle around Gara is not enough as those are often not easy to see at all. Plenty of dark places in this game, plenty of mobs flooding the screen.

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