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CTD when crouching and moving with weapon zoom


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If I slide or crouch and use weapon zoom while moving, I crash to desktop every time.  It delays the crash a couple seconds if I set all graphics settings to their lowest, but the crash still happens.

Crouching and not moving while weapon zoomed doesn't crash, but it does slow framerate dramatically.  Changing main weapon between assault rifle and sniper rifle or switching warframes doesn't make a difference.

I've verified/optimized the cache, dropped graphics settings as low as I could, disabled DirectX 10 and 11 and multi-threaded rendering, and updated my graphics card driver (Nvidia GTX 1070).  Crash still happens whenever I'm in motion, crouched/sliding, and using zoom at the same time.

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To update this issue:  The problem was with a third-party program named Whitesmoke, a grammar check utility.  It had been set to use control+W to launch an overlay text box.  I never saw the overlay, but it looks like holding down control+w coupled with sliding was triggering a problem with one of their DLLs and that would crash Warframe.

Removing Whitesmoke from the system fixed the problem for me.

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