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New UI is still horrible


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The icons are awful dull grey joyless ugly mess. Weapons are tiny grey and without distinguishable characteristics that made them pop out before in every menu. At this point having just the text would be probably more useful. Text that is still off by default.
Since fortuna the same ugly icons infested rewards from extractors and mined gems, that now show as really ugly deformed icon on ugly grey plain square background...

And you are going to do the same thing to Arsenal and Foundry that are still joy to browse. And you are going to spoil it all. Don't, please DON'T do that!


Also there are still few isues with shop UI that shows text in one place and icons in other, choosing what to sell opens menu that is straight up awful with tiny controls and awful responsivnes to writing numbers (like focusing into text field right away so I can start typing and replacing the number 1 that is written in by default instead of adding numbers behind it...). Group members joining party still moves the mission accept/cancel buttons right under your mouse. Leave party button is still hidden under roll out menu and doesn't show in some cases. Bounty UI doesn't show icons unless you click it with right buttons but relics in rewards there can't show what they contain... etc... Most of these I can live with, but please revamp these before you even start thinking about redoing other menus. Especially the above mentioned Arsenal and Foundry. I swear to void I will drop the game if you spoil the rest as badly as you did so far.

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