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Mastery 24 Test


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I searched around for this and found old threads on this topic, so I thought I'd make a thread to point out... this is still bugged. Note that this is only from practice runs that I did out of curiosity, as I don't have enough affinity for the real test yet.

When I started the test, as I'd heard from around the web, I had no amp equipped and a plain Focus bar (the original one where all Void abilities use a single energy pool). I hear this is intended.
I had 250 HP. Not sure if this is right. Pretty sure, without equipped Arcanes, I should only have 100 HP.
I could Void Cloak.
I could not Void Dash, nor could I Void Blast. Pretty sure this is not intended.

The lack of a Dash made it nearly impossible to avoid the maggots, but I very nearly completed the test before losing all my HP. (Of course, my HP bar might be higher than intended thanks to Arcanes)

On my second attempt after dying, I had my Amp equipped, access to all Void powers, and my full Focus school Ways. This completely trivialized the test.

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