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A few questions regarding updates and such



Frist question- when will fortuna come on Xbox?

Second question- will we ever have mission voice packs?

(or at least the old space mom)


Threrd question- is when will we actually talk about railjack agen?

Forth question- is the new Warframe actually good or mah?

Fith question- what happened to stalker? In the first story quest he the big bad guy...so what's the plan for him?


Sixth question- when will DE make more umbras?


Seventh question- I'm out of questions...do you have any questions?

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1. either december or early january most likely, just speculative

2. hopefully sometime your guess is as good as mine

3. I wouldnt expect very much until maybe next tennocon

4. I think that question is up to personal playstyle and usage of the frame

5. no clue

6. no clue 

7. nah

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