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Missing Cosmetics


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I've noticed a fair amount of some of my cosmetic items missing. I know my tennogen stuff didn't copy with migration because of the nature of tennogen being PC only, but aside from those and my Fortuna related cosmetics (e.g. Operator clothes, Fortuna UI, which I believe will show up again when Fortuna moves to switch) some of my other cosmetics are also missing. I'll list them below (if they're supposed to be missing please let me know either way).

  • Rathuum Emblem
  • Pacifism Defect Emblem
  • Tubemen of Regor Emblem

(Sidenote: Not a cosmetic, but I also noticed my Kitgun is still there, but named "Pistol" now. Just thought that was kinda funny lol)

Edited by (NSW)Kirozanagi
Since it's impossible to view the list of items that do not migrate after you have made the decision, I had to get a friend who hadn't migrated yet to send me a copy. I went through and updated (removed) the listed items from that list from this one.
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