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Switch Linking help


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I was trying to do my Nintendo account link from my phone and everything was going good but the problem arises because after i signed my password to accept that i want to link my account it never opened up a new window to my Nintendo page to link the two accounts. So now my Warframe account is linked to nothing and I can't do anything about it. Anyone have any ideas?

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This has also happened to me. I am at work...don't judge me. XD

But I was linking my account on the phone. It gave the message that it has migrated. Once I go to the switch, it will not log. I thought it was the crap wifi and used my hot spot data. Which would instantly deny access to my account. I try and login to the Warframe site, for my Nintendo account and get the 505 error. I can log into my PC and PS4 ones just fine. Of course the PC no longer has the option to migrate cause it said it already has. 


Edit: Just tried once more and was able to login. Haven't tried the site. But i'm playing on the switch. I don't have a lot on my PC account to begin with. XD but I would like to finish what I started forever ago.

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