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Matchmaking for Help Clem?


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Problem, No "Finding squad", no waiting for other players. No matchmaking in "Public". I really want "Public" to have a working matchmaking. As always, we have option to set it to "Solo" if that is how some players do it.


As it is required to enter relay to start "Help Clem", I found I can use /join player_name command as the player is standing on a location to start "help clem". There are some problems doing like this.

1. if the player disappears faster then I type /join player_name, it will say "Session can only be joined by invitation from the host". For PC platform this isn't much of a problem. Try doing that on a video game console without USB keyboard.

2. Some players that enter the location to start "Help clem" don't start it and leave squad.

3. some players does not expect players to join like this. Of a few times I used /join for help clem, I have seen a player go AFK / idle for 3 minutes, then get surprised by seeing me in the game, expecting to be solo.

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